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Hah. Two days ago ojkolego and I were talking about, that it would be great, to get Livejournal and other social networks together. Like Facebook for example. Just realized, that on one hand I miss Livejournal, but on the other hand, not so many of my friends are using it anymore really activ. Maybe this can change. Livejournal is still a great platform for writing blogs. Could have been updated and should get a newer interface - but anyway. Its clean and great for writing. Never found a good blog at Facebook and the blog functionality in MySpace you can forget. Nobody is reading it. Or almost nobody. So. Lets try to relaunch a bit Livejournal and see, what happends.

Somehow January 2010 started like December ended. Okay - lets exclude two weeks in Finland, which were really great and relaxing. January was full of work. A lot things to do in the Software Business. Luckily this area seems never to get a real crisis. At least if you know, what you do ;-). At the same time I started to try out again many Systems for online-shops. We really need to relaunch our Savage-Wear website. But thats not so easy. The current system got so many modification by me, to realize some features we need, that a normal update was unpossible. After checking many new systems, I was disapointed again. Some typical problems of companies, who are greating clothes and sell them online and who give the possibility to adjust colours and other things, are still ignored. With some of the developers many other shop owners and I were talking since years to write some additions. Nothing big. But make life easier or even make it possible to handle such things. Mostly this task is just ignored. And even very expensive systems for many thousands of Euro are just handling some basic things. This may work for many products. But absolutely not for ours. Anyway. I found one system and with some additions, which need to be written again (and for what I need time) it can be used. So lets see, how many months it will take *g*.
At the same time we added some more products from 2009 to our online shop. We really should become faster with that. But often this is not so easy. Finding model, photographer and a good selection of photos, which are showing the clothes from different angels and then calculating everything, uploading, selecting all the attributes and price-changes. I guess we should get more slaves for that ;-)
At the same time we have had Fashion Week in Berlin again and the the third Fashion Rock Night, where I was helping to coordinate the shows, designers, models and so on. Was fun and a really good team. I did not saw the result, but I hope, it was good enough for the short time we have had to prepare.
What else happends. Some nice meetings with friends, birthday party, Sport and Sauna of course. No party for me in January, because of work and to many thoughts about business related things.
At the moment I'm looking forward to the end of February. ojkolego and I will fly for some days to Krakow. Will be fun and also good to leave work alone for a short time.
On Sunday 21st February I will go to Wolfsburg to visit the James Turell exhibiton.

And maybe I find some time for upload photos from 2009. Yeah - Promised it a lot I know *g*

But now look at the pendular! You feel hot and you need new clothes ... latex clothes ... you want something from the 2009 collection of Savage-Wear. You want buy everything! :-P

Some videos from the Interfilm Short FIlm Festival 2009 in Berlin
Sadly I could not find all videos at the web or there are just trailers. So here are just some I saw.
I will add step by step the other movies to, if I can find them. I was wondering, if they ever will sell a DVD or so. Especially the Love and Distaster Competition has had some nice movies. But none of them I was able to find at the web.

IC 01 Weird Worlds - Animated 1

VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone
The Soliloquist
Try Yangaly (about the best paradise in the world - but with one little problem - its to far to reach it)
Hardcover & Paperback
El Fish
Mi vida en tus manos

IC 02 Daydreams - Animated 2

L' Anima Mavi
The Royal Nightmare
Two Dreams
Milovan Circus
The city of oblivion
Let There Be Sound
Pole Hole
Pigeon: Impossible

IC 03 Love and Disaster

IC 04 Encounters

IC 05 With Different Eyes

IC 06 Incidents and Accidents

IC 07 Family Affairs

IC 08 Surrealistics

Alptraum Atommüll - Arte + 7

Hier das Video ansehen (ist nur 7 Tage online)

Während die Gefahren der Erderwärmung immer mehr ins öffentliche Bewusstsein dringen, preisen Industrielle und Politiker die Atomkraft als die geeignetste Energiequelle der Zukunft an: sauber, kontrollierbar und gefahrlos für Umwelt und Gesundheit. Für den Verbraucher ist es schwer, den Wahrheitsgehalt dieser Aussagen zu beurteilen. Der Dokumentarfilm "Albtraum Atommüll" versucht, Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen.

Die Wellen schlagen hoch, wenn um das Für und Wider der Atomkraft gestritten wird. Lohnt es sich wirklich, diese Art der Energieproduktion zu fördern, während die meisten europäischen Länder schon beschlossen haben, sie aufzugeben? Im Mittelpunkt der Debatte steht die Angst vor der Zeitbombe Atommüll, der Achillesferse des Atomzeitalters.
Obwohl sich die Vertreter der Atomindustrie in Verharmlosung üben, macht der Atommüll den Menschen Angst, denn die Wissenschaftler können bis auf weiteres keine akzeptable Lösung anbieten, und die Politiker sprechen möglichst nicht darüber. Viele Fragen bleiben offen: Wie gefährlich ist der Atommüll? Wie wird damit umgegangen? Welche Lösungen werden angeboten?
Der Dokumentarfilm "Albtraum Atommüll" macht sich in Frankreich, Russland, den USA und Deutschland auf die Suche nach der Wahrheit über den Atommüll. Dabei geht es nicht zuletzt auch um Fragen nach der Informationspolitik zu diesem Thema, es geht um die verschiedenen Akteure und Interessengruppen und darum, inwieweit man überhaupt von einem "demokratischen Umgang" mit dem Thema Atomkraft sprechen kann.

Die Verarschung der Ernährungsindustrie

Ich weiß nicht, wieviele von Euch sich ab und an auch mal damit beschäftigen, was wir eigentlich so alles essen bzw. was wir glauben zu essen. Das in so manchen Zitronenkuchen nicht ein bißchen Zitrone drin ist, sondern alles nur noch aus Zusatzstoffen besteht, die auch in Spülsteinen im Klo zu Einsatz kommen - das manche Joghurt-leichte Schokolade mit sportlichem Auftreten schlimmer ist, als eine stinknormale Vollmilchschokolade - das in vielen Erdbeer-Joghurt-Produkten so gut wie keine Erdbeerbestandteile drin sind, denn Süßholzwurzeln tun es ja ebenso. Vanille Geschmack wird halt aus Abfällen der Papierindustrie hergestellt und gegrillte Buletten erhalten das wunderbare Grillmuster mit Farbstoffen aufgesprüht!

Hmmmmm. LECKER!!!!



I'm still alive and I really should do updates, but when? Maybe this weekend I find a moment for that. Hopefully.

East meets West Symbols

East Meets West symbol design by Chinese designer Yang Liu who studied in Germany