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Some videos from the Interfilm Short FIlm Festival 2009 in Berlin
Sadly I could not find all videos at the web or there are just trailers. So here are just some I saw.
I will add step by step the other movies to, if I can find them. I was wondering, if they ever will sell a DVD or so. Especially the Love and Distaster Competition has had some nice movies. But none of them I was able to find at the web.

IC 01 Weird Worlds - Animated 1

VIDEOGIOCO by Donato Sansone
The Soliloquist
Try Yangaly (about the best paradise in the world - but with one little problem - its to far to reach it)
Hardcover & Paperback
El Fish
Mi vida en tus manos

IC 02 Daydreams - Animated 2

L' Anima Mavi
The Royal Nightmare
Two Dreams
Milovan Circus
The city of oblivion
Let There Be Sound
Pole Hole
Pigeon: Impossible

IC 03 Love and Disaster

IC 04 Encounters

IC 05 With Different Eyes

IC 06 Incidents and Accidents

IC 07 Family Affairs

IC 08 Surrealistics